Sunset Magazine “Celebration Weekend” in Menlo Park

Sunset Magazine’s annual “Celebration Weekend” is happening May 31 and June 1 (Saturday and Sunday) this year. I haven’t gone before, but I’m going this year :)

General admission for 1 day is $20 (along with other pricing options)

There are all sorts of vendors, demos, and experts to talk to. They also have different event stages with all sorts of interesting things happening. Most of them are free, and a few cost extra (noted below).

  • The cooking stage has all sorts of demonstrations with celebrity chefs, food editors, etc.
  • There’s a weber grilling class that costs $35 extra, with class sizes no larger than 27 people.
  • The outdoor & gardening stage speakers cover things like “The New Front Lawn,” The King and Queen of Succulents,” or find out what’s in the Sunset Test Garden this year.
  • The travel stage covers things from Campfire cooking to weekend getaways.
  • For kids (and adults too!) you can paint a terracotta garden pot
  • Wine & Craft Beer seminars are $15 extra