Resources: Books, Magazines and Catalogs

I’ve only recommended things that I’ve tried myself and liked :) Leave a comment with your favorites and I’ll add them to this list.


  • Organic Gardening: I get this magazine and it has fun articles and tips. This is higher level, as it doesn’t cover gardening basics that most beginners need.
  • Sunset Magazine: Cooking, Gardening, and mini-vacation advice all meant for the West Coast. I really enjoy it and always walk away with a few good recipes and ideas for day-trips. I also learn a lot of tricks, like how to repot a houseplant. (Digital version is included with your subscription)
  • Cooks Illustrated: I LOVE this magazine. It tells you how and why recipes work – the Thescience behind it. This is great for a geek like me and it has really helped me become a better cook. The magazine has no ads.


There are so many I’ve tried! I’ll keep adding to this list as I go through my notes from books I’ve borrowed from the library.

  • Fast, Fresh & Green: A great book on different cooking techniques for vegetables, from roasting to sauteing to steaming. Free digital copy from the Library.
  • The Smitten Kitchen: A cookbook from a great food blogger and photographer. Free digital copy from the Library.
  • Farm to Table Cookbook: I haven’t tried this yet, but it’s on my list! Free digital copy from the library.
  • Simply Organic: Great book that also focuses on eating with the seasons. Free digital copy from the library.
  • More coming soon!
  • A note about the Library system. If you don’t have a Peninsula Library Card, get one. Our system is fantastic! There’s a library in Belmont on Alemeda De Las Pulgas, between the Carlmont Shopping Center and Carlmont High School. You can get digital books for your kindle (or other e-reader). You can also have them deliver a book from any Peninsula Library to the one of your choice (for $0.75). So I get all of my books delivered to the Belmont Library.

Seed Catalogs:

  • Baker’s Creed / Rare Seeds (the prettiest catalog you’ll ever see! But missing some basic info in the catalog, like days to maturity. You need to reference the site for some of the info)
  • Seeds of Change
  • High Mowing Seeds
  • Tomato Fest (no catalog, but over 600 varieties of heirloom tomatoes, which pictures for each one)
  • Generic Seeds (no catalog and no specialty items, but super low prices and cheap shipping)
  • Gurney’s (almost always has a $25 off $50 coupon running, be sure to look for one before making a purchase)
  • The Cook’s Garden (I haven’t ordered from them yet, but their catalogs sure look great! They also offer bundled seed packs, targeting home cooks. For example ‘Gourmet Salad Collection’)