I’m Moving out of Belmont

I just bought a house in Oakland, so I’ll be leaving our wonderful community garden this fall :(  A fellow gardener will be upgrading his plot to mine, and a new gardener will take his old plot’s place.

Would anyone like to take over as garden coordinator? Or perhaps form a committee of 2-5 people? Please leave a comment if you’re interested.

I’ll keep this blog domain up and can add people as authors. I figure I will still post every now and then, since our climates are still pretty similar :) And I have lots of space in my yard for my very own garden!

I will miss everyone!!

  • Jon

    Vee, thank you for all your effort at the garden and on this blog. I’m sorry we didn’t overlap for longer. Definitely a loss for the garden and Belmont at large!

    I’d be happy to be involved in keeping things working.