Cute Ideas: Seed Envelopes & Plant Markers

I love Pinterest, maybe a little too much! Anyway, I’ve found a few cute garden ideas on Pinterest that I wanted to share.

Seed Envelopes

If you’ve ever started plants from seed, you probably have the problem that I do: each packet has more seeds than I can use. I usually mail the extra to my Mom, but have such a hard time finding a good envelope for each one. Well, thanks to Pinterest, I now have plenty of ways to make seed packets :)


Plant Markers

I also have another problem every year: I lose my plant markers over the season. They wash away when I water or get buried in the dirt. This year I plan to fix that – I haven’t decided how, but I did find a ton of cute DIY plant marker projects.

  • Turn rocks into markers
  • Turn twigs into plant markers – you need twigs and a vegetable peeler
  • Brick plant markers would be pretty hard to lose
  • Make your own polymer clay markers