Compost Delivery

About the compost (see brochure).

Alright everyone, the compost will be here Thursday afternoon, Jan 23 Friday around 4pm, Jan 24. We only have 1 working wheel barrow (and a 2nd one with no wheel!), and it looks like only 1 good shovel. So we might want to pre-plan our garden times since it looks like only 1 plot can load up on compost at a time :(

If you want to leave a comment when you will try to be at the garden and coordinate, go for it! But it’s obviously not needed.

I will be leaving a sign in the compost to let people know it is NOT free. When you are done with your plot, please let me know. If there is leftover, I will let people know they can use it (or you can bag it up for any garden use at home).

  • Melissa Lukin

    Thanks so much for doing this. Vee! I will be there this Sat around 1 pm to put compost in. Very excited. Happy to help others as well who may be there at the same time. Melissa

  • zoopercat

    Udpated ‘shoveling’ times:
    Nina: 1pm Sunday
    Maggie and Joan: 3pm Thursday
    Melissa: 1pm Saturday

  • zoopercat

    UPDATE: new delivery date is Friday around 4pm.

  • Rusty Hopewell

    I should be there to move compost on Saturday with as many 4H’ers as I can muster. I’ll bring wheel barrow and shovels.

  • Rusty Hopewell

    Saturday around 2.