Compost Delivery for 2014

I’m organizing compost delivery to the garden for $35 per cubic yard. If you’re interested in compost, email with the amount of compost you want by Monday, Jan 13, end of day. I’ll follow up with payment and delivery details.


  • The large garden plots that we have are 20’ x 5’9”. That 115 square feet.
  • Most of our plots have side boards that are 9-12 inches tall. A lot of plots appear to be 3-5 inches short of the top of the boards.
  • How many inches deep do you want compost?
    • 3 inches deep (recommended for most plots) = 1 cubic yard
    • 6 inches deep (good if your soil is very low) = 2 cubic yards
    • For reference, here is a soil amendment report I got from a soil test a few years back. There is a section where they recommended quite a bit of compost.


It’s made of horse and chicken manure with wood chips, leaves and a few other things mixed in. It’s from a farm in morgan hill.


  • Rusty Hopewell

    I’ll take one cubic yard for the 4H plot. Any idea on delivery date?

    • zoopercat

      The weekend of Jan 24-26. I’ll post the final date mid next week.

    • zoopercat

      Rusty, I changed delivery sources and it will be delivered tomorrow around 4pm. I was getting a bit paranoid about some of the vagueness from the previous source about the manure – if it came from animals that fed on pesticides. So I got a new source, direct from a 100% organic farm where the animals are never fed hormones and don’t graze on pesticide grains.