Spring Fundraiser!


You may have noticed, our garden tools are getting a little shabby, and we seem to have a few less than the past few years. I’d like to host a little fund raiser in spring at the garden so we can buy some more tools. I’ll call the newspaper to get it publicized, post on craigslist, etc. If you’re interesting in participating in any way, please let me know!

Here’s my idea for the event, please feel free to add your ideas as well. It would be 100% donation based. We can have the following things to offer the community:

  • Seedlings of all kinds! I grow a lot of heirloom tomatoes that you can’t even find at nurseries. I’ll also grow extra basil and some other herbs, along with a bunch of fancy sunflowers.
  • Farmers market guides (what’s in season & when, along with how to pick and store). Would need to get these printed and laminated
  • Information! If anyone would like to show up and share their gardening expertise, I’m sure that people would love it.
  • Crafty things: if anyone is crafty and makes cute pots, garden decor, or anything like that, great!

Where I need help:

  • Growing seedlings! I can tell you how to do it for almost $0.00 if you are interested.
  • Promotion: if anyone is friends with local business owners (sandwich shops etc), we can accept sponsorship on the farmers market guides. It’s much better when coming from someone they know, than a random walkin like me!
  • A laminater: If I get farmers market guides printed, it would be ideal to get them laminated.
  • Other ideas!

Goal: $500! If we can get 100 families to stop by and donate $5 each, that would be $500. And if we can get some business sponsorships on the farmers market guide, that’s another good source of funds. We can have a little get-together afterwards to decide how to spend the money.

Compost Delivery


About the compost (see brochure).

Alright everyone, the compost will be here Thursday afternoon, Jan 23 Friday around 4pm, Jan 24. We only have 1 working wheel barrow (and a 2nd one with no wheel!), and it looks like only 1 good shovel. So we might want to pre-plan our garden times since it looks like only 1 plot can load up on compost at a time :(

If you want to leave a comment when you will try to be at the garden and coordinate, go for it! But it’s obviously not needed.

I will be leaving a sign in the compost to let people know it is NOT free. When you are done with your plot, please let me know. If there is leftover, I will let people know they can use it (or you can bag it up for any garden use at home).

Compost Delivery for 2014


I’m organizing compost delivery to the garden for $35 per cubic yard. If you’re interested in compost, email veronica@vtegen.com with the amount of compost you want by Monday, Jan 13, end of day. I’ll follow up with payment and delivery details.


  • The large garden plots that we have are 20’ x 5’9”. That 115 square feet.
  • Most of our plots have side boards that are 9-12 inches tall. A lot of plots appear to be 3-5 inches short of the top of the boards.
  • How many inches deep do you want compost?
    • 3 inches deep (recommended for most plots) = 1 cubic yard
    • 6 inches deep (good if your soil is very low) = 2 cubic yards
    • For reference, here is a soil amendment report I got from a soil test a few years back. There is a section where they recommended quite a bit of compost.


It’s made of horse and chicken manure with wood chips, leaves and a few other things mixed in. It’s from a farm in morgan hill.