Fall Garden Meetup!

I’d love to get together again! I got some good feedback on the best times to get together and it seems like the weekends might be best. How does Saturday, Nov. 2 work out for everyone?

It was fun to meet everyone and socialize, so let’s do it again. And this time, I’m going to sneak in a small agenda too!

  • Winter plot makeovers: I know a lot of people need more dirt, new dirt, compost and all sorts of things to get their plots ready for next year. I’d like to organize this and see if we can either get dirt and compost dropped off, or get some volunteers together to pick it up. I know one of the members said he has access to all of the horse manure we could use, we just need to rent a truck and do the work.
  • Seed exchange: The seed catalogues start coming around the Holidays, and most seed packets have 50+ seeds in them. I don’t know about you, but I don’t need that many. I’d love to organize some group seed sharing :)
  • Soil testing: I’ve gotten my soil tested professionally a couple times in the past and it’s incredibly helpful. I want to share that information with everyone and find out who’s interested in a test this year. We get a group discount which ends up being $17 per person for the basic test for nutrients and organic matter. There’s a more extensive test you can order as well if you’re trying to diagnose a problem.

Let me know if you can make it. If you can’t let me know what general days/times work for you. And if you have anything to add to the agenda, let me know!

Fall Recipes: Soups

So I love fall cooking and have been trying all sorts of new soup recipes. A note for vegetarians/vegans and people with lactose intolerance, none of these soups require the heavy cream as stated in the recipe. I’ve omitted it in all of them that call for it and the soups are still delicious (and don’t tell anyone, I don’t notice the difference!) The vegetables in the soup are enough to make a thick, creamy soup without the added cream.

Here are the ones that turned out really well:

Carrot Ginger Soup

I love ginger and usually have a heavy hand with all of my seasonings. However, I actually cut back the amount of ginger in this recipe or it over powers the carrots. I definitely recommend tasting as you go, and add more ginger as you see fit.

 Garlic Potato Soup

I love the flavor of this soup. It has a subtle garlic taste that really stands out when paired wit the garlic chips (yes, even after adding BOTH heads of garlic!). I like a creamy potato soup so I just puree the whole thing together and it turns out lovely. Also, there is no real need for the cream unless you want the additional richness. And those garlic chips are well worth it! (recipe)

Roasted Parsnip and Apple Soup

The flavor of this soup was fantastic and had a lot of depth. Wouldn’t change a thing… and it might be the star ‘starter course’ for my Thanksgiving, it’s that tasty. (recipe)

 Butternut Squash Soup with Sage and Hazelnut

This is an excellent base that you can season any way you’d like. I didn’t used hazelnut oil instead of coconut oil. I also made candied squash seeds as a garnish and they were excellent though got chewy as they soaked in the soup. I might try t candy hazelnut pieces next time instead. (recipe)