Free Compost!!

I’ve been keeping my eye out for this year’s free compost giveaway that Recology has done in the past. This year it’s on Earth Day in San Carlos from 10am to 2pm. The address is 333 Shoreway Road. Here’s a .pdf flyer about the event.

While poking around on the recology and rethinkwaste websites, I found out that we can get free compost year-round! You can get 2 bags per visit, 2 visits per week. I’m definitely going to do this, this upcoming week. I’ll let you know how it goes. Here’s more info. On the flyer you will see they ask for a bill or ID card – they just want proof that you’re a resident.

I’ve also emailed them to ask if they would be willing to drop a truckload off at our garden. I’ll let you know if they get back to me :)

Cute Ideas: Seed Envelopes & Plant Markers

I love Pinterest, maybe a little too much! Anyway, I’ve found a few cute garden ideas on Pinterest that I wanted to share.

Seed Envelopes

If you’ve ever started plants from seed, you probably have the problem that I do: each packet has more seeds than I can use. I usually mail the extra to my Mom, but have such a hard time finding a good envelope for each one. Well, thanks to Pinterest, I now have plenty of ways to make seed packets :)


Plant Markers

I also have another problem every year: I lose my plant markers over the season. They wash away when I water or get buried in the dirt. This year I plan to fix that – I haven’t decided how, but I did find a ton of cute DIY plant marker projects.

  • Turn rocks into markers
  • Turn twigs into plant markers – you need twigs and a vegetable peeler
  • Brick plant markers would be pretty hard to lose
  • Make your own polymer clay markers